Mark Wahlberg Still Attempting to Break Into Reese Witherspoon’s House 19 Years After "Fear" Release

18d99-wahlberg-in-fear-mark-wahlberg-15082225-853-480-copyLos Angeles, CA — Actor Mark Wahlberg has been charged with trespassing and attempted breaking and entering for the 39th time since 1996 after security officers in the exclusive gated-community of Brentwood Circle discovered the actor screaming terroristic threats outside Reese Witherspoon’s $3.4 million dollar mansion.

Witnesses reported that Wahlberg approached Witherspoon’s homewhich was unoccupied at the time of the incidentat 10 p.m. on Tuesday evening and proceeded to pound his fist on the door and scream “Let me in!” for approximately thirty minutes. Following several failed attempts to break into the home through a second story window, Wahlberg was seen starting the four-car garage on fire with a lit cigarette and a can of gas he retrieved from the trunk of his car. Damage to the home is estimated to total more than $400,000.

Police arriving at the scene shortly after the fire was extinguished say Wahlberg denied any wrongdoing, reportedly claiming that if Witherspoon had just let him in the house to kill her father and take her away with him, none of the property damage would’ve been necessary. 

“In all of the years that Mark has been attempting to force his way into Ms. Witherspoon’s homes, not once has he actually physically harmed her,” said Joe Castopolis, Wahlberg’s attorney. “He just likes to break doors, smash stuff and scare the shit out of people. Since when is that a crime?”

Wahlberg and Witherspoon first became acquainted in 1995 during the filming of the fictional thriller “Fear.” In the film, Wahlberg’s character, David McCall, becomes obsessed with a virginal teen named Nicole, played by Witherspoon. During the climactic final series of scenes, Wahlberg’s character breaks into the girl’s home in a violence-fueled attempt to kidnap Nicole and kill her father.

In the two decades since the film first aired, Wahlberg has attempted to break into several of Witherspoon’s homes, including her lavish three-bedroom condo in Manhattan, a family cabin in Baton Rouge, and a camper trailer in which the actress slept during Country Jam 2010. During each instance, Wahlberg was witnessed shouting obscenities, breaking windows, ramming doors with tree trunks, and killing nosy security guards who happened upon the scene.

“For whatever reason, Mark has been living out the storyline of ‘Fear’ on-and-off for the past twenty years,” said Witherspoon’s agent, Martha Randbaum. “It’s almost as if he didn’t hear (director) James Foley yell ‘That’s a wrap!’ at the conclusion of filming in ’96 and has been doing violently realistic takes of that final scene ever since. Either that, or he just misses Reese bunches and bunches.”

Los Angeles County prosecutors have yet to charge Wahlberg with a crime, choosing first to wait for the results of both psychiatric and narcotics testing. In the meantime, Witherspoon has filed for a temporary restraining order pending formal charges. Wahlberg’s attorneys have stated they will file a motion to have any such orders thrown out. 

“While we respect Ms. Witherspoon’s right to a reasonable expectation of safety, we believe her claims are completely without merit,” said Castopolis. “Besides, if Mr. Walker couldn’t keep David…I mean, Mark…out of his house, what makes Nicole…I mean, Ms. Witherspoon…think a piece of paper will?” 

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