Gary Busey’s Teeth Overtake Gary Busey’s Eyes As Hollywood’s Creepiest Facial Feature‏


Busey’s right eye waves to fans in 2008, while his eye declines.

Hollywood, CA – Editors at Hollywood Face magazine sent shockwaves through the showbiz industry on Tuesday by naming actor Gary Busey’s bathroom tile-sized teeth as the creepiest celebrity facial feature of 2012, officially replacing 2011’s winner, Gary Busey’s crossed, lazy, and insane-looking eyes.

Busey, who rose to relative fame in the 80s and 90s with supporting roles in Point Break, DC Cab, and Predator 2, was first honored by Hollywood Face in 2003 when the magazine determined that the actor’s eyes seemed to be moved “by a system of winches and pulleys operated by an evil puppeteer living in his forehead.” Before this year, no other celebrity facial feature had come within 200,000 votes of Busey’s spastic eyes.

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