Perfect Sequel, Thy Name Is Major League 4

This past weekend, while flipping through the seemingly endless array of highly addictive visual garbage on my television, I stumbled upon a true classic from the sports movie genre. A film for the ages, if you will. Yes, I’m speaking of Major League.

Much like its motion picture peers — Citizen Kane, T
he Godfather, and The Adventures of Pluto Nash Major League pulls at every emotion simultaneously, all while introducing the world to a cast of characters unlike any seen before, or since, on the silver screen.

The timeless story of a rag-tag group of quasi-professional baseball players who beat the odds (and the Yankees), Major League was followed by two very underwhelming sequels, both of which could very well have damaged the franchise beyond repair. Unless, that is, a visionary director with talents on par with Martin Scorsese or Orson Welles is willing to risk it all to ensure that the following sequel is made into Hollywood gold.

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Five Un-Holiday Movies To Get You in the Spirit of the Season

The winter holiday season is the perfect time of year to hunker down with family and friends, pop some popcorn, and surrender to the ever-enjoyable world of movies. After all, it’s cold outside, you’re with the ones you love and you’ve most likely eaten enough food to make it impossible to move more than three feet without soiling yourself.

For decades, countless holiday celebrations have included a healthy helping of Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, and A Christmas Story, and countless other holiday-inspired films. But while these films do a wonderful job communicating the messages of joy, love, and laughter, there are many pertinent messages that fall by the wayside by the time the final credits roll. Messages that need to be taken in by the masses during this happiest of seasons.

With that in mind, here is a list of films that may not strike you at first glance as “must watch movies” for the holiday season, but will have you praying to Santa for the BluRay editions in no time:

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Applebee’s Hostess Mistakenly Puts Jennifer Grey In A Corner


Evanston, IL – Evanston police responded Friday evening to a public disturbance at a local Applebee’s restaurant after 19-year-old restaurant hostess Danielle Lipnicky mistakenly attempted to seat actress Jennifer Grey in a corner.

In Evanston for a charity event, Grey, who played Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in the wildly popular film Dirty Dancing, became enraged when she and her dinner companions were shown to a spacious, well-lit corner booth at the busy suburban restaurant.

“Don’t you know that nobody puts Baby in a corner, you dumb c***?” Grey was heard screaming at Lipnicky, paraphrasing Patrick Swayze’s famous admonition of Jerry Orbach in Dirty Dancing. “Nobody!”

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